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Gen lock with time and date stamp

GL-250 image, 9kB The GL-250 synchronization signal generator and time/date text inserter from JC Labs is designed to synchronize up to six video cameras and recorders and record the time of day with millisecond resolution on each image.

Housed in a rugged, aluminum chassis, the GL-250 requires a 12 Volt, DC supply of approximately 500 milliAmps. The six video channels are individually buffered, and the sync output signals are AC coupled and capable of driving a 75 Ohm impedance. Each video channel will also accept a video signal from a camera which can have the time of day superimposed onto the video output signal. In addition, an audio tone is generated at the press of a front panel button which may be used as an event tone to mark a recording. The event tone will play back as a 1kHz tone at standard playback speed, regardless of record speed. The vertical reset is set at the factory to provide a 262 1/2 lines per field. This default may be changed to 262 or 263 lines per field by setting a switch inside.

A built in real time clock provides date and time stamp for each recorded image with a one millisecond resolution. The clock is powered by an internal lithium battery for eight years and provides an accuracy of one minute each year.



Video System: EIA RS-170 standard.

Power Requirement: 11 to 15 Volts DC, 1/2 Amp.

Operating Temperature: -10 C to 50 C.

Humidity: 20% to 80%.

Size: 7.0 cm. X 27.0 cm. X 34.3 cm.

Weight: 2.5 kg.

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