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Features, Specifications
HSR-200 image, 9kB The HSR-180/HSR-200 and HSR-180S/HSR-200S video cassette recorders from JC Labs are designed to record high frame rate video signals in an office or laboratory environment. Applications include the analysis of packaging machinery, vehicle dynamics, impact testing, and mechanical designs. Bio-metric uses include motion studies, sports medicine, and the evaluation of rehabilitation and therapy.

Based on an industrial VCR, the HSR recorders retain all of the original features found on the Panasonic AG-5210. At 60 fields per second video rate, both monochrome and color recording are available with 2 channel Hi-Fi sound. High speed recording is monochrome, and the monaural audio track is available for event tones or time code. The super 4 head system gives clear still pictures for quick review and the recording may be played tape on standard VCRs.

The special electronics installed by JC Labs detect the presence of high speed sync signals during record and automatically pass control to a set of high speed servos. During high speed record, the HSR-180 is sped up 3 times (3 1/3 times on the HSR-200) while the special high frequency signal system drives the record heads. The format of the recorded signal is the same as standard VHS, allowing the cassette to be played on any VHS deck (SVHS recordings must be played on an SVHS VCR.) The image resolution is limited only by the playback, and supplies a minimum of 230 TV lines in VHS mode or 400 lines in SVHS mode and a typical signal to noise of 43 dB.

Capable of recording from a variety of cameras, the HSR-180 records 40 minutes on a low cost T-120 cassette(the HSR-200 records 36 minutes) and requires a run up time of only 10 seconds to reach high speed. The recording is available for immediate review and may be recorded over if desired. The simple analog input (RS-170 format) allows the use of a single coaxial cable hookup, or telemetry link to receive the signal from long distances.



Recording Format: VHS/SVHS.

Recording Time: 40 minutes at 180 fields per second, T-120 tape.

Video Input Level: 1 Volt p-p into 75 Ohms.

Video System: EIA RS-170 standard (composite sync.).

Horizontal Resolution: 230 TV lines minimum, VHS mode. 400 TV lines minimum, SVHS mode.

Signal to Noise: 43 dB typical, SP mode.

Audio Track: 1 normal at all speeds, 2 channels Hi-Fi (60 fps only).

Power: 120 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 30 Watts approximately.

Operating Temperature: 5 C to 40 C.

Humidity: 35% to 80%.

Size: 27.0 cm. x 12.0 cm. x 34.0 cm.

Weight: 6 kg.

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