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JC Labs manufactures high speed video cameras, recorders, and other video components for motion capture and analysis. The HSC-250 series of cameras will capture from 60 to 250 images per second, or 120 to 500 half images per second. The images may be captured electronically, or recorded on VHS tape using the HSR-200S video cassette recorder.

Applications for these components include:

Two recent papers published in Journal of Bacteriology and Neuron showcase some uses of high speed video. The resolution and sensitivity of the HSC-500x2 allowed the imaging and measurement of individual flagellar filaments (approximately 0.012 micron diameter) of Escherichia coli swimming and tumbling.

The long record time available using the HSC-250x2 camera with an HSR-200S recorder allowed rats to interact with their environment naturally in neurological experiments while the GL-250 time text inserter allowed correllation of video and neural recordings.

HSR-200S video cassette recorder, HSC-250 camera, GL-250 gen lock & time stamp
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